Greg's Rules

  1. Only do things where I either produce something, or learn something. All else is waste.
    1. Spending time with people reenforces harmony in relationships.
    2. Consider if what you're doing right now satisfies the rule.
    3. Consider not watching TV (sports, sit-coms, movies)
  2. Say "Yes" when you can and "No" when you must
  3. Have a "Yes-And" attitude
  4. Assume positive intent
  5. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome
  6. You don’t need to know everything to get started
  7. Don’t complain unless you want something to change
  8. Be on time
    1. If you can't be on time - alert the other person as soon as possible
    2. Be 5-15 minutes early. The Marines say "on time is late."
    3. If you have to cancel, offer to reschedule and specify a time
  9. Showing up is 80% of success
  10. When in conversation - ask about the other person.
  11. Find out what makes people happy - then give it to them.
  12. Competence builds Confidence